Skiing on a Deserted Mountain

The first time we ventured onto what we now know is called Marshall, we thought we were lost in what must have been a taste of the "back country" in the middle of Moonlight. It was like a dream cresting over the many steep bumps and not knowing what lay beyond, other than beautiful, untouched powder and quietly swaying snow-covered trees.

The complete serenity of taking the run slowly, pausing to take in the striking scenery of what I think is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, was truly remarkable. Spanish Peaks, with their raw beauty, sat poised calmly across from us, Beehive Basin poking out through a light dusting of clouds around its base. It’s always amazing to see part of the Beehive trail covered in snow, when only a few months earlier it was doused in sun warming our bare arms as we hiked to the ice cold lakes at the top in the summer.

Back to winter, it was a beautiful sunny day and the run seemed to last forever. We carved tight turns, weaving through the trees, hugging the shape of the mountain below us as we wandered from place to place. The lack of definition of the run was something that we loved and keeps us coming back. You feel like a member of an expedition, exploring each area anew every time. To top it all of, we didn’t see a single other person the entire time, which to us felt like hours.

For those of you who enjoy skiing through manageable trees, powder, and breathtaking views, Marshall is a must try. Let me know if you want a buddy! I’d be more than happy to join anytime for a trip up Lone Tree.