Why Big Sky Needs a Community (we already have one!)

Welcome to the Big Sky Community. We're a tight knit group of people who have been drawn to Montana and are here to share our experiences together. Our community includes people who live here, friends, family, people who come to visit, and anyone who loves Big Sky. The aim of this online community is to provide a place where we can interact, lend a hand, and share with each other. We can share our stories, needs, and tips to get the most out of our time here so we can enjoy this beautiful place.

This is the start of something real and it's up to all of us to create value. Discover a new great hiking trail? Need a lift to the airport? Have an amazing experience at the restaurant up the road? Share it! See how the community can interact.

You can share posts on the Community Board. We currently have channels specific to Airport RidesItems for SalePhotos, and Real Estate & Rentals so you can find what you're looking for easier. Feel free to post to General if your topic doesn't fit a channel. Remember, Big Sky is a family place so please be courteous to other members of the community and only post appropriate content.

We'll also regularly update this blog with community news and topics we find particularly interesting.

Now let's make the most of it and start sharing!