Samsung SHS-2920 digital door lock keyless touchpad security | Product Review

TL'DR: Success! This lock works great on our door and was easy to medium installation and programming effort. 

Note: We bought this product under our own desire and are not being paid for reviewing it. 


I personally hate carrying my keys, and I have a tendency to leave them sitting on my desk at the office. This lock mechanism has turned out to be a fantastic solution for that!

The inspiration for this purchase came on a trip to Hong Kong (we found crazy cheap flights, but thats another story) when we stayed at an Airbnb in Central that had a wild Samsung door handle with digital key pad and figure print entry. We didn't take it that far, but the idea stuck with me and I really wanted to make it happen. 


It works!

This is really all that matters in the end - the system has always worked for us.

It looks great!

The inside mechanism is very sleek, and I painted the battery case black to blend in with our wall papered door. The exterior is very slim and could match any style. 

It sounds great!

The tones are very light and welcoming. I appreciate paying attention to the details like this to make a very peaceful home environment. Incidentally this is one of my biggest complaints with the NYC subway. If you're going to make a tone when I swipe, why not calibrate it to a pleasing tone - make everyone's lives better.

Installation was easy enough

I'm not going to installation was easy, but I also feel this was in part due to my 1980's metal door. This would be much easier to install on a new door or on a wood door, but it did work on my american style door (I have seen other reviews noting that it is intended for Asia style lock sizes). 

Draw backs

The Instructions are not very clear for set up

Installation was not a problem, but I had a bit of trouble when it came to programming the keys. We wanted 4 keys. 1 for our Super to hold on to, 1 for each of us (2), and a spare to give family and friends staying at our place. I programmed 4 keys, but found that there is some kind of limit on the total keys or some kind of time frame where the keys expire. I haven't been able to figure it out, but eventually the programmed keys no longer work. 

Sometimes the keys aren't responsive

One out of every 25 times I use the key pad I have a struggle to get one of the numbers to trigger. It is a touch screen rather than a button so maybe I have something on my finger that is blocking it. It usually resolves itself with a few attempts so not a big deal. Also it won't work if you're wearing gloves. 


This lock works great if you are using the touch screen key pad. I do not suggest using it if you have a lot of guests and need to have key card access as I have found the key cards are difficult to program and come undone somehow. 

- Mark