A hidden Jewelry Box | Weekend Project

Who doesn’t love the idea of a secret space that only you know about? I’m fascinated by images of rooms hidden behind the book shelf that only open with the perfect key stroke of the piano, or a small crawl space that opens into a hidden refuge. 




Secret rooms are a bit difficult in a space smaller than 700sqft, but the idea lived on in my head. When I saw an image online of an ornate mirror on a hinge (houzz.com is high on my list of regularly visited websites) I was inspired to take on another project. Taylor was leaving on a weekend trip, so I took that opportunity make it a surprise. After a weekend of hard work I got the cabinet boxed out and the mirror re-mounted on the wall. Taylor was home for 5 hours by herself before I got home from work and didn’t notice any difference, success! She was confused when I told her I made her something and it was in the mirror...

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What I'd do different next time

This was my first attempt at creating a fully boxed cabinet with shelves. I will say it was not my best craftsmanship, but I’m happy with the result considering the limited tools I have access to. Someday I would like to learn real techniques for cabinetry - probably once we leave NYC and I can have a workshop.

One really good option, that I didn't consider until after I was done, would have been to have the boxed out cabinet made custom by a cabinet maker then add the details from there. Working for a level and square box would have made the shelving and secondary door easier. 

I'm not too concerned about the exposed screws and L brackets holding up the shelves since the goal was for a home made project. I was however impatient with the city Home Depot and settled for brass hinges when I should have waited for silver hinges to be back ordered to match the majority of Taylor's necklaces. 

Your ideas

Do you have any ideas about a secret space? Maybe you are thinking about doing something interesting in your home and want to share to get more ideas, or maybe you've already completed something!