Designing a Gallery Wall - Make it Personal

A "gallery wall" is one of those features that nearly every room decorated with a modern or rustic aesthetic has in some way. Almost every house tour has at least one gallery wall featured. There are a million and one posts about how to create a gallery wall, and many of them feature prints and frames and matting that bring texture and color to a room or accentuate a mono-chromatic design. However, you will often see that the Pinterest examples of a gallery wall or the DIY blogs are missing that personal touch that makes the difference in authenticity.

Make your gallery wall about yourself. You are the subject. 

Gallery walls originated from artists displaying their work in an arrangement. They were/are showcasing their vision and their work. I believe that a home decorating gallery wall should be about who you are and what you're about. This could mean different things for different people. If you truly identify with the pop art print of Marilyn Monroe then by all means include that in your gallery wall. Think about what you value, and what you want to share with guests (but, more important what you want to see every day).

Our gallery wall is heavily influenced by our travel, and we designed it in a way that we can add to it and change it as we experience new places. Taylor wrote a bit about how we thought about and created our gallery wall, check it out here.

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